Saturday, 5 July 2008


Shout to felix for hooking me and Becky up with free tickets as the venue was smaaall! Although they only played a 30 minute set as it was being filmed for itv2 and they had to leave time for the fratellis : lol

I dunno when or what program its going to be on but hopefully me and becky wont get on tv as our moshing and screaming is cringe.

Afterwards we headed down to see Example at New slang in Kingston. I dont want to hate on Banquet Records because i like what they do but new slang is full of idiots.

haha that was not referring to Becky or Adrian..
Example was good, he dropped some bars over some old garage tunes which was good to hear but 'Mandy' was my highlight TUNEEEE.

Night Ended quite jokes as we were 'removed' from the club but that guy was a dick and deserved it.


Pale said...

Damn girl! You got close.


Glad you enjoyed it.


d. said...

finally, the pics

lol @ having to leave time for the fratellis..
but i've been seeing the zutons at indig02 on the sky "whats up next" and shit so n*e*r*d should be one of these days i think.

i wanna do brixton again.

evenstevens said...

awesome if you find out when the nerd show is on you gotta let me know!

evenstevens said...

and what do you mean finally they are maybe a day late at most!